Surf Tropical Lily Washing Powder 80 Washes 5.2kg

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Surf Tropical Lily & Ylang-Ylang is a gorgeous bouquet of two of nature's most exotic and enticing flowers.
Feminine and strong, the lily's honeyed, floral scent is a favourite, ranking in the top five most popular fresh cut flowers in the world.
The Ylang-Ylang flower's sweet aroma provides creamy sensorial reassuring, and its sensual fragrance is said to re-connect mind and body.
Our Tropical Lily & Ylang-Ylang with its exotic fragrance is available in biological washing liquid, biological washing powder and biological washing capsules and is suitable for washing both colours and whites.
Surf's laundry range brings you the joy of fragrance, long after you've washed your clothes.
With burst after burst of uplifting fragrance released right through your day, your fabric stays fragrantly fresh, with a brilliant clean you'll love.
Surf biological washing powder offers brilliant cleaning and excellent fragrance, with outstanding results even in cold water.
It has brilliant cleaning power and is great on white clothes.
For the best results in soft water, use 40 ml Surf powder for light loads, 75 ml for standard loads and 140 ml for larger or dirtier loads.
In medium water, use 75 ml for light loads, 100 ml for standard and 170 ml maximum.